I don’t want to be no superman…

Well, it’s about that time… that’s right. It’s the bitching hour. Haha, nah… no bitching right now. I had a pretty decent day today. Work was pretty good- despite the fact that I really had to drag myself in today. Snow always makes me really want to just stay inside all day. Besides, I get so much done on my snow days. Both times I’ve stayed home because of snow, I’ve had the most productive days ever. Oh well, I actually don’t have too much to get done. No phone calls to make or bills to pay. It’s all done.

I’m goin out for a late dinner with my aunt in a little bit. I don’t know where. I’m not sure what I feel like. Hrmmm. Perhaps Chilis. Eh. I’m going to miss American Idol. That’s ok. I don’t mind missing one now and then- I can just catch up tomorrow by reading the reveiews on MSNBC.com. It’s allll good.

I feel my life is lacking so much right now. Bah. Not sure where to begin in trying to improve it. I guess the whole finding a new job would be a pretty good start. I sent resumes in for like 4 different positions in the other night. On eof them was for a clerk position with the Dept. of Homeland Security. How sweet would that be??? Hell, it would even be relevant to my major! I also appplied for a couple positions with a local newspaper. These jobs also sounded very appealing and and something I’d be pretty qualified for… works for me.

So anyway, the last few weeks I’ve been making a conscious effort to start working out more and I’ve been watching what I eat and I definitely am starting to feel the improvement. I feel it- I don’t think I see it yet, but I definitely feel it. More energized and in an overall better mood. WooT!

Anyway, I’m going to get moving… I may update later tonight.

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