I don’t want to be no superman…

Well, it’s about that time… that’s right. It’s the bitching hour. Haha, nah… no bitching right now. I had a pretty decent day today. Work was pretty good- despite the fact that I really had to drag myself in today. Snow always makes me really want to just stay inside all day. Besides, I get so much done on my snow days. Both times I’ve stayed home because of snow, I’ve had the most productive days ever. Oh well, I actually don’t have too much to get done. No phone calls to make or bills to pay. It’s all done.

I’m goin out for a late dinner with my aunt in a little bit. I don’t know where. I’m not sure what I feel like. Hrmmm. Perhaps Chilis. Eh. I’m going to miss American Idol. That’s ok. I don’t mind missing one now and then- I can just catch up tomorrow by reading the reveiews on MSNBC.com. It’s allll good.

I feel my life is lacking so much right now. Bah. Not sure where to begin in trying to improve it. I guess the whole finding a new job would be a pretty good start. I sent resumes in for like 4 different positions in the other night. On eof them was for a clerk position with the Dept. of Homeland Security. How sweet would that be??? Hell, it would even be relevant to my major! I also appplied for a couple positions with a local newspaper. These jobs also sounded very appealing and and something I’d be pretty qualified for… works for me.

So anyway, the last few weeks I’ve been making a conscious effort to start working out more and I’ve been watching what I eat and I definitely am starting to feel the improvement. I feel it- I don’t think I see it yet, but I definitely feel it. More energized and in an overall better mood. WooT!

Anyway, I’m going to get moving… I may update later tonight.

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  1. I found your blog by random and read your first post: I’ve been told “Happiness cannot be delayed”. You should look into yourself and find the root of why you think your life is lacking. People often base thier happiness on objectives or goals. For instance I caught myself saying “When I get another car I’ll be much more happier!” The fact is, happiness cannot be delayed. After going deep in thought I discovered I was unhappy for multiple reasons, that of which I am fixing now.

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