Rainy days and Mondays… always get me down

Well, it wasn’t rainy (actually it was quite nice), but it certainly was a Monday. Ugh, and a long Monday at that. What is it about Mondays? I mean, I know the obvious you’re just getting back from the weekend, but I dunno… it seems there’s something more. I think I’d dislike Mondays even if I had a job that I loved. I guess it’s all psychological.

Anyway, it was one of those days that just wouldn’t end. It was ridiculously unproductive too. I got put to work on a problem that was just a mess and took me damn near the whole day to solve.I hate feeling unproductive. Hopefully tomorrow is better.

It’s supposed to snow tomorrow…. argh. I am so sick of the winter. Damn freakin’ groundhog and his stupid shadow :-p Oh well, what are ya gonna do? Spring is near. I’m just getting really impatient. The grey weather always gets me a bit down. I think it has that effect on most people though. Everyone seems a bit miserable lately. Soon enough, soon enough…

I thought I had more to post about, but I think I lost it, lol. Hrmm… perhaps it will come back to me tomorrow 🙂

Till next time…

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