The Struggle Against Perfectionism

I am not perfect. Nobody is perfect. Nobody expects me to be perfect.

Most people learn and understand these concepts at a fairly young age. I don’t know if I ever really did. I think the first time it ever really hit me was about a year ago. I am 23 years old. I was about 22 when I realized it. I mean, we’re all told these things when we are very small, but I don’t think I ever really grasped it until recently and am still coming to terms with it all. Actually, I know for a fact and remember very clearly taking the phrase “nobody’s perfect” as something of a challenge- like I could really prove them wrong and be “perfect”… whatever that means. Who does that?

I find that now that I have come to a better understanding of these facts, I am much more comfortable in my every day life. I am much less neurotic and can just do things without overthinking every minute detail… It’s really quite nice. Old habits die hard though, and I often have to repeat the words above.

I am not perfect. Nobody is perfect. Nobody expects me to be perfect.

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  1. oh! turns you you can edit but you have to erase the whole thing and start over. sorry i’ve made a mess on your post!

    how are you? i find this ‘perfect’ problem in myself as well. only it’s not like i have to be ‘perfect’ because i don’t know what that is exactly. what i do do is set unrealistic of expectations for myself and for the people/schools/work environemnts/etc around me. somewhere along the bend i was able to change over from i can’t believe i’m not whatever, to i can’t believe i thought i should whatever. which is worse, i’m not sure. both are assigning blame to myself. these day’s i’m working on letting things go, not holding a grudge against myself. i’m on a tangent. anyways. i’m with you

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