Stella Was a Driver…

The title refers to a great song by Interpol… I think I might just like it because my car’s name is Stella, lol.

So yeah… thought it was time for another update. April already. Holy crap…where does the time go??? I’m getting old. You know you’re an adult when time starts going uber-fast like this. Damn the man and his 40 hour work week.

Speaking of work, I’ve been interviewing with ING… sent in my resume for a position two weekends ago, heard from them the middle of that week… had a telephone interview with them on Monday, and then actually met with someone on Wednesday. I should be hearing back again sometime early this week and then if I get it, I’ll be starting next Monday… crazy how fast its all going ::CROSSES FINGERS:: I want and need this so bad. It’s Kizmet- their color is orange- just like me 🙂 I’m terrified that I won’t hear back- or that I will and it will be in the form of another rejection letter. It will totally ruin me. Just a warning for any readers I may have. Yeah, if I don’t get it, there will be at least one really crabby post.

In other news, first book club meeting is a week from tomorrow. Our first book is The Curious Incident of the Dog at Night-time by Mark Haddon. Good stuff. I just started reading it and I’m already hooked. It’s a quick, easy read- which is good because I only have a week to read it and lately I just don’t have the time to really read anything. I mean I’ve been reading, but at a very slow pace- just at lunch and before bed- and before bed, I usually fall asleep after like 10 pages, lol. So yeah…

It was a bad gym week… I only went one night and it was a pretty lazy work out. I was a little sick and post-nazal drippy all week though, so I think that’s a pretty good excuse. I hate working out when I don’t feel well.

Parents leave for their cruise in a week… That’s exciting. My brother and I will be alone for a week. Hah. I’d say party at my house if I had a few more friends around here… not that I’ve really been in the partying mood lately anyway. Friday, I met the girls at El Sombrero for Happy Hour… I had one beer all night and was home by like 10, haha. Just din’t feel much like socializing. I was in sort of a negative mood most of the weekend. Feeling better right now though… kind of funny seeing as its a Sunday night, meaning I have to go back to work tomorrow morning… and that I’m nervous about whether or not I’ll hear back from ING. And that it looks like the temp assignement may be ending soon. The workload this past week was practically nothing compared with what it’s been since we started there in December. Another reason why I need the job at ING so badly. Sigh. I may have just brought the good mood back down. :-/

OK, well… I just wanted to update again, bacause it’s been a little while… Time to go back to reading my book 🙂

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