Sooo… an update… it happens every now and then. The new job is going just swimmingly. I got my 401(k) set up and benefits and alll that good stuff. Still in training, so its kiind of boring, but hey, I’d rather be bored than miserable. Since working at The Hartford in their call center, that’s become sort of my work mantra. Better bored than miserable. ::thumbs up::

I just deleted my LiveJournal. I just got kind of sick of it. I’ve had it for like 3 years and I’ve never been good at keeping it up- like even worse than I am with this, so I thought… what the hell? Screw it. Now I just have one journal. It makes life easier. Simplify people, simplify.

Life’s been good. Book club’s been good. The new book is Running With Scissors. I’ve been reading it at lunch at work. Quite enjoyable.

Been going out with my friends a lot lately, so the social life is good. I have no complaints. Holy crap, I jus may be content for the time being. It’s been awhile since I could say that.

Nothing in the romantic dept to really speak of, but that’s not really bothering me too much. I mean, I’m talking to a couple people, but I don’t see anything happening… and that’s ok. I’m getting myself figured out… and that’s good.

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