busy week

wow, what a busy weekend…
what a busy week…

Monday night… book club- only a few people showed and Jenn was the only one who read.

Tuesday night… Met mom for dinner and shopping after work

Wednesday night… bowling with my team from work, because my managers from Iowa were out here. It was a lot of fun. It was cool to met the managers and realize that neither my main manager or my team lead have more than like 5 years on me… good to know.

Thursday night- date with Kevin!!! wow, even better than I’d expected. 4 hours at the coffee shop, then over an hour talking in my front yard when he dropped me off. I’m proceeding cautiously with this, because well, that’s just what I do these days, but let’s just say there’s some definite potential there. We have plans to get together again this Wednesday.

Friday night, I went out with Jenn after work… we just went to Angellino’s for dinner and then ran a few errands, got some coffee, and then went to Sliders for a few drinks. I always hate going to Sliders though, because I sreiously end up knowing half the people there from high school- not that’s sooo bad, but it is sort of weird and kind of distracting for me. I don’t know, I still had a good time though. We were going to go to the Greek Fest after dinner, but then realized it would just be a lot of food and we were both really full from dinner, so we decided to skip it.

Yesterday I had work from 8 to noon and got like nothing done. I swear, coming in on the weekends to finish up transfers is like the bggest waste of my time. I just can never seem to focus and get stuff done. I then came home, took a long nap, got some stuff done around the house, and went out for dinner at Capri with the parents and ran some errands. I then watched Garden State on DVD with my mom. I had already seen it, but was more than happy to see it again. Hey, its a good movie… and mom had never seen it and I thought she should.

Today we did a Father’s Day Brunch at the Stonewell, and then I came home, talked to Kevin for awhile, got some stuff done, and then we had the whole family over for our normal Sunday night dinner. It was a pretty good day.

It was a pretty good weekend…. just really busy and as a result it flew by. Back to work tomorrow… ugh. I should really take some of my PTO time. I don’t kow when. I;ve got a couple days picked out in July and I may take a day next week some time. ::Shrugs::

OK, I’ve got to get some reading done. The next book club pick is The Plot Against America, by Philip Roth. Seeing as its my pick, I guess I should apply myself and really read.

Goodnight Everyone!

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