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OK, updating from work, because I’m a rebel like that… and because my manager’s out today… and because it just slowed way down, so I have a few minutes to kill. I hardly ever take any real breaks, so I figure I owe it to myself.

Not a whole lot to report on unfortunately. Let’s see…

Date with Kevin tonight… he’s picking me up around 7:30 and then we’re doing dinner. Don’t know where. I guess it will be a surprise. Exciting. You know what I like most about him? He’s so damn thoughtful… already. I hardly know him but he still always picks up on the little things. He knows I don’t like to be rushed when I get home and am exhausted after work, so we go out a little later, so I have time to relax a bit. He laso knows I’m in a book club, so he sent me 30% off coupon for Borders. I know it’s not much, but I certainly appreciate it. He’s got an interview with PBS in Boston on Tuesday. Keep your fingers crossed for him. I know I am.

Ahh speaking of the book club, the new book is going a bit slower than I’d like… Hopefully I’ll get soem reading done during luch today.

Ok, I really need to get back to work now. I think we might have more to do.

Later nerds!

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