what a weekend…

wow, what an excellent weekend…

its been a little while since I updated. I have been crazy busy to say the least… I love this time of year. It may be exhausting, but at least it’s interesting.

Let’s see… quick recap.

Thursday… Kevin came over that night and we hung out, watched movies, drank some interetsing beer… it was cozy 🙂

Friday… went to the driving range with Jenn after work, then went to J. Timothy’s with Laura and then Starbucks… went to bed early.

Saturday… dinner, drinks, and comedy show at City Steam with Kevin and his friends Tom and Heather, then fireworks in Hartford, then drinks at Vaughn’s…

Sunday… pool party at my house with some of my friends

Today… big annual 4th of July D’Amato Family picnic… really good times 🙂 I won a cooler, at lots of food, played with my little cousins… , hung out in the pool after the picnic.

Ok, that’s all… just wanted to do a quick update. Perhaps I’ll elaborate on some stuff later, but this will have to be it for now.

Later folks!

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