::sigh:: should probably not be the title of this entry. It’s really not that bad I guess. I guess. My last entry was so positive… and nothing’s really changed that much. The 50+ hour work weeks are starting to get to me I think. I just have no time for anything but work. It makes me sad. I hope we get more help or less work… one of the two definitely needs to happen before tax season hits again and we’re swamped. If nothing changes, I may lose it.

I have no time for my friends, boyfriend, or hobbies. I come home, eat dinner, watch TV for a bit, and go to bed… just to do the same thing the next day and the day after that. Then the weekend comes… and it’s always too short. The shortest two days of the week… Saturday and Sunday.

I have some time to myself this weekend. Kevin’s visiting his old roommate down in Maryland this weekend. Laura’s in Wildwood. I guess Jenn just got back from vacation, so maybe I’ll see what she’s up to tonight.

Usually I do something with Kevin on Saturdays. I last saw him on Sunday and I probably won’t see him again till next Saturday. Maybe Friday… lately Friday nights with the girls aren’t such a sure thing. People are busy. I am too. I understand… it just sucks. I want my old social life back. Fall’s coming soon… its not going to get better. Anyone else get that awful seasonal depression when Fall hits? It’s terrible. Something to look forward to I guess, right? Ugh.

OK, I should do something productive with my day…

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