so i’ve got this all day customer service training thing at work today and tomorrow, meaning I have to be in at 8am instead of my usual 9 or 9:30… MAGIC training. God, that sounds like so much more fun than I’m sure it will be. When I hear MAGIC training, I first think about pulling rabbits out of hats… or that we’re going to Hogwart’s. Yeah, not so much. It’s some sort of acronym. They always try to make things sound fun with a clever acronym. MAGIC… I’m sure I will never think of it the same way again.

I’m the only person from my department going. It will be me and a bunch of new hires, who’ve probably all bonded and have gotten to know each other and are all pumped up and optimistic about work. Fabulous. There was supposed to be a group of us going, but there was only one spot open, so who got to go? Me. Why? Probably because I have the word pushover written across my forehead. Send Kate, she’s a good sport! Aaargh!

So anyway, I’m having something of a moral dilemma and I have a question for you all… all two of you who read this.

Training gets out at 4:30. My normal job gets out at 6 (usually later).

Do I…
a) just leave at 4:30
b) go upstairs and work after training’s over
c) e-mail my manager/team lead at some point today and ask what I should do

Pick A, people! Pick A!

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