so when the time comes, I now know where I’m getting married: We had previously agreed on Giants Stadium, but look at all the Yankees have to offer! A I said, this probably won’t be for awhile, but hopefully before 2009 *hint* when the new stadium is up. As excited as I am about […]


Not too much to report today… I’m petty much, more or less, done cleaning my room… very exciting.  A clean room always makes me very happy.  I don’t know why I don’t do a better job of keeping in that condition.  I have a whole laundry basket full of shoes and a trash bag full […]

Angry Hungarians Show Signs of Political Life… gasp!

In America, it seems we’ve been hearing every day about how we’ve been lied to by the current administration about a plethora of issues. What is our general reaction? Complaining, making jokes, sometimes nothing more than a shrug of the shoulders (what are ya gonna do?)… and I, regrettably, am no exception to this. I’m […]

So I’m back home from Virginia and Atlantic City. A good time was had… I ate, I drank, I gambled, I saw stuff I don’t normally get to see, I came home $200 richer (dad actually won $1,000 and mom won $200). All in all, a good vacation. It was also far too much time […]


home from my vacation… feeling sort of pissed off and very frustrated by life in general. not sure what’s bothering me… just everything I guess. Maybe that’s just what happens when you spend far too much time hanging out with your parents for the week…