Long Awaited Update

So I actually updated (or attempted to update) a couple weeks ago and somehow it got lost. It was a good long update too, detailing my 4 day road trip from CT to VA to CT to ME… but once that was lost, I said screw it. After all that work, I wasn’t going to do it again. So there. If you want to see pictures from the wedding in Portland, check out my photo album.

Right now I’m not doing much… eating free pizza. It’s delicious. They ordered it from First and Last… mmmm… pizza. It’s even better because it’s free (for me). Friday we get free Chinese… and Tuesday they’re taking us out for dinner. That might be my favorit ething about ING… all the free food I get on a semi-regular basis.

Not much new going on…

The election was exciting… the Democrats made me proud. Lamont lost, but I’m okay with it. It was a righteous battle… Evey year, I’m able to keep pretty cool throughout the compaigns and then on Election Day, I get all excited and giddy and I’m feeling the positive vibe… and then I get let down… Ah well.

Kev and I are more than likely moving in together down in the New Haven area… We need to do more planning and discussing. I think we were thinking March-ish, but I know he wanted to do it sooner… I don’t really care. I’d like a few months though to get things in order. We should probably start looking now. It could take a while to find something we like… and I’d like a little time to save a little more cash.

I’ve been pretty lame about my running lately. The colder, darker weather has made it much more difficult to find the time to get out there… and the gym… well, hah! Thinking about purchasing a treadmill… I think it would make life a whole lot easier… I’m not a big fan of treadmill running, but it’s much better than nothing at all. Something to think about…

The Giants have been doing pretty well this season…. 6-2, baby! Playing Chicago on Monday night… should be very interesting to say the least.

Okay, that’s all for now!

EDITP: Giants play the Bears (dah Bears) on Sunday night… not on Monday (not that I think anyone caught my error). They play the Jaguars next Monday.

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