Running Again

So, after taking a forced break from running after busting my knee this Spring, I have returned to my old addiction and started up again – in the heat of the Summer – a part of the year which I normally choose to take off. It’s been going pretty well. I haven’t exactly been going […]

Random Saturday

So while I’m just sitting here being bored I thought I’d update… I’m waiting for my mom to call me – we’re supposedly going shopping and doing lunch… It’s approaching 11am and I still have not heard from her. I called my parents house and dad said she was out grocery shopping, but should be […]

Leg Up (date)!

So… my knee’s doing a little better today… a little better. I’ve got it wrapped and am icing it off and on…and am taking Tylenol… I took the day off from work – which if you know me, just shows how bad it is – I still did some work this morning though… should really […]

ouch :(

So I went for my first real run of the spring when I got home from work this evening. We got out earlyish… the sun was still shining… it was a beautiful 70 degrees… everything was perfect. I was even sort of pleased with how easy it was after taking a few months off. And […]