Leonard Cohen at The Palace Theater

So the legendary Leonard Cohen is coming to The Palace Theater in Waterbury, CT on May 14th and I will be attending – as soon as I find people to come with me.

This is his first US tour in about 15 years and as he is now in his 70’s, I doubt we will be seeing him come around this way again… so it’s definitely a no brainer for me- you just have to go.

His career spans over 40 years – each period of his work being very different from the others, yet still wonderful. I have for years used the work Leonard Cohen as a sort of measuring stick, when in conversations about music with those who refer to themselves as aficionados. If you can talk Cohen, well then in my book, you’re in. If you don’t know about Cohen, well then you just need to check him out.

So if you’re in New England, well you just need to check him out – and what better way to do so?

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