Why I Watch American Idol

I have no friggin’ clue…

It would certainly have to be categorized as a guilty pleasure. I do feel guilty for it. I would like to think that as lame as I am, I am still too cool to watch American Idol. Yet I watch every week – and I don’t really enjoy it for the most part. I don’t like the contestants – not a one of them. In fact, I really dislike the vast majority of them. They are all very talented – no doubt about it. I just don’t like them.

At times, the show even stirs up a certain level of homicidal rage that I was not aware that I was capable of. But I watch… Perhaps that’s the reason I watch. Maybe my life is just that boring that I need something to cause me insane levels of anger that I just would never otherwise feel.

Thank you American Idol.

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  1. LoL this is hilarious. I haven’t watched Idol in two seasons now. (I slipped up and watched one of the audition episodes earlier this year). Prior to that, I was much like you..watching endlessly week in and week out even tho I was often left irritated by the voting and lackluster contestants who were left on the show!

  2. It is a guilty pleasure of mine, too. I get so fed up with it (yet I still watch) and root for the most unique (and often least talented) contestant.

    I am all about Megan this year.


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