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  1. I think it’s the same reason that people who go into starbucks and type on their Mac Book airs while sipping on their $5 coffee (possibly typing up a rough draft of their new book) are douchebags as well…LoL.

  2. I don’t know, but I agree. They are the latest addition to my list of douchey drivers. Right up there with Subaru and Honda drivers.

  3. I think that their lives are just so important that they don’t even realize other people might want to use the road… and might actually want to use the passing lane to {gasp} PASS!!!

  4. Hey Drunkie… nope, Lexus owners.

    I’ve had the conversation with several people and we all feel that the Lexus is the car of douchebags and drug dealers. That’s how it goes.

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