A 360° View of The New and Improved Yankee Stadium

I have been a Yankees fan since birth… As a kid, we used to go to at least one game every year, but as an adult I just don’t get there as much. Last season, because it was their last season in the old stadium, Kevin and I made it a point to go to three games. I’m not sure if we’ll get there for the first season in the new stadium, so it was neat to come across this in the New York Times. It still has the same feel of the old place, but it’s bright and shiny and modern. Sweet. It opens tonight for an exhibition game against the Cubs. Wish I could be there. Go Yankees!

The New Stadium: A 360° View

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  1. I remember getting a great view of Yankee Stadium looking down from Harlem, the highest point on Manhattan Island. I went to my first ever MLB game last year. It was the Cubs at the Astros.

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