.500 Record at New and Improved Yankee Stadium

So after this afternoon’s 6-5 win vs Cleveland, the Yankees have a .500 record while playing at the new Yankee Stadium (unless you count the exhibition games vs Chicago). It definitely would have been nice to get a win yesterday for the big home opener (their 10-2 loss was a a disappointment at best – hello pitching???), but at least the game won’t be aired for the next month as a Yankee Classic on the YES Network 🙂 They have a .545 record overall – not great by any means (especially considering the mammoth salaries of a few of the players), but the season is still quite young and things often seem to start off a little slow for them (I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure this is a much better start than we had last year). Could be a lot worse. I have confidence that things will be looking up for the team in the near future.

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  1. My patience is wearing thin w/ the yanks. They spent half a billion dollars in salary on THREE PLAYERS…lol. It’s World Series or bust as far as I’m concerned!!

    And yea they’re pitching stinks!

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