Case of 13 year old Strip-Searched in School Goes to Supreme Court

13 year old Savana Redding was strip searched in school, because it was believed that she may be in possession of prescription strength Ibuprofen.

– Strip-Searched? Isn’t that taking it a little far???
– She was 13… I remember when I was 13. It would be really uncomfortable as an adult. At 13, it would be pretty traumatizing.
– She was an honor student…with no record of misbehavior. How did they treat the bad kids?
– All that for prescription strength Ibuprofen (the equivalent of 2 Advil)? What if it were something a little more serious?
– Oh yeah, and she was clean… no Ibuprofen.

IBUPROFEN??? Really??? Really???

It just all seems pretty ridiculous, if you ask me. The case was heard in the Supreme Court today… If you want more details (my rants weren’t enough?), you can check it out here:

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