This American Life Live!

OK, I’ll admit it…I’m an NPR geek.   I listen all the time – to and from work, all day when I’m working from home, weekend mornings (gotta have my Car Talk)… all the time.   I wasn’t always this way.  I blame Kevin, because he’s the one who really got me started on it.  And I must confess, I  do feel like  a better person for it.  I feel like I really know what’s going on in the world around me (even more than I did while I was studying Political Science)… unless it’s celebrity gossip or top 40 radio – I’m not so good at keeping up with that stuff, but again, I feel like a better person for that 🙂

Tonight, Kevin and I will be attending This American Life Live!.  I’m not exactly sure what to expect, but I’m totally stoked nonetheless. This American Life has always been one of my favorite NPR programs, so this should be pretty sweet.

If you too are an NPR geek or have any interest in seeing This American Life Live!, you should definitely consider checking it out at a location near you!

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