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stp_green_newlogoRunning can be a very inexpensive hobby when compared with the expenses of other sports. Think about it, all you really need is a good pair of running shoes, which will probably have to be replaced every few hundred miles. You will probably also want to buy at least a few good pairs of shorts or moisture wicking t-shirts to run in as well, but they’re not really necessary.

Many of us, however, will make it an expensive hobby by buying new shoes well before they are worn out and by not just purchasing a few pairs of shorts and technical tops, but LOTS and LOTS. This is the category that I fall into. What can I say? I love stuff 🙂

I have at least learned that a lot of money can be saved by buying your gear online. My favorite place to buy all my running shoes and apparel is Sierra Trading Post. I have bought nearly all my running gear from there and have saved a TON of money on some really great stuff.

On my most recent order, for example, I purchased 4 long sleeved wicking shirts, 2 pairs of running shorts, and a pair of sunglasses. This all came to $104.41 shipped. On this order, I saved $174.49 off normal retail prices. This is actually a pretty typical savings.  Since I started buying my gear there, I’ve actually saved $451.16 off regular retail prices. C’mon, that’s exciting stuff!

While their prices are always great, I always make sure to use a coupon code. Once you start buying things from them, you regularly receive online coupons for 10%, 20% or, once in awhile, even 30% off their prices… sometimes even including free shipping if you spend a certain amount. Or if you don’t like a coupon that you have, you can usually find a number of coupon codes online on sites such as or Coupon Mountain.

So if you’re in the market for any sort of outdoor gear or apparel, I highly recommend checking to see what Sierra Trading Post has to offer before making a purchase anywhere else!

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