AT&T U-Verse

So Kevin and I are considering switching our cable/internet/phone package from Comcast over to AT&T U-Verse, as it is now available in our area and I’ve been harassing Kevin about wanting some form of DVR, because everyone I know has that option and I feel like we’re living in the Dark Ages.

I may hate television, but really that’s not due to a of lack of good programming (sure, there’s a lot of HORRENDOUS stuff on, but there are some bright spots as well).  We have tons of channels and there’s a lot on – just nothing I want to watch when I want to watch it.  Also, during the week, there are a couple of shows  that I would love to watch and think I would enjoy, but they unfortunately conflict with other viewing commitments.

And anyway, while Comcast does offer the DVR option, in comparing the packages offered it just seems that you can get a lot more bang for your buck with AT&T U-Verse.

We unfortunately don’t really know anyone who has the service or has used it and it would be nice to hear from someone who has actually had some experience with it.

Anyone have them?  If so, your opinions on it?

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