My New Blackberry

So my new toy arrived Wednesday afternoon and completely distracted me blackberry-curve-8310-1from my work for the rest of the day. Why is it that any time I’m having cool, distracting things delivered to my house it’s on a day when I’m working from home? It’s great that I get to play with it immediately, but how am I supposed to get anything done like that?

The initial set up was fairly simple. If I can do it, anyone can – especially seeing as I’m not really one for reading instructions before jumping into a project…

After the initial set up, my next project was getting the data plan added. This was pretty quick. While I was still logged on to work and couldn’t really do too much with the new toy anyway, I sent a quick e-mail to AT&T’s customer service. I had a response and the shiny new data plan in just a matter of a couple of hours.

That’s when the real fun started. I set up my e-mail, which was waaay easier that I ever imagined and the started downloading apps for the device. I now have the Facebook app, the GMail app, I synced it up with my Google Calendar (which I’ve been using a lot lately and is awesome and highly recommend), Twitterberry – which is so simple and so brilliant ( I also have Twitter linked up with my Facebook, so I can update Twitter from anywhere now and then it will also update my Facebook status – genius) and last but not least, I also downloaded the Pandora app so I can listen to music wherever. These were all free apps, which is awesome -as you’ve probably figured out from reading this, I love free stuff.

Overall, I’m very pleased. It’s just a really neat tool and while I’ve never been a big phone user, I love having access to all this cool stuff at all times. I can’t say I’ll love my new phone bill – with the addition of the shiny new data plan, but I really do think it’s worth it.

Fellow Blackberry owners, any other cool stuff that I should check out for my new toy?

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  1. maybe you should ask Irene LOL!! i know i know you hate me, but i just couldn’t help myself 🙂

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