Who’s The Boss?

Who’s the boss in your family? This question was asked in 16 countries.

In 11 of 16 countries surveyed, Dad took the prize as head of the household. Only five countries picked Mom. Overall, the pro-Mom nations have less income disparity between men and women. Across borders, more men than women think Dad’s in charge, and more women than men think Mom is—which just goes to show that the biggest factor in who wears the pants may be whom you ask.

The results are actually pretty interesting and worth a read if you haven’t got anoything  better to do with your time.  And you’re here, so that answers that question 🙂

As I was looking through the results, though, it got me thinking… I don’t think we had a boss in my family, growing up.  At least, I don’t remember there being a clear  boss.  I have fond memories of my parents playing the “go ask your mother/father” game that would involve me running back and forth across the house six times and being told to go ask the other “boss” for permission to go outside and play.  The answer in the end was often that in the time spent playing that fun game, it had gotten far too dark to go outside an play.  I think they were messing with me… or maybe they really were just that bad at making decisions – which could explain a lot about me.

In my little family with Kevin and the cats, one thing is very clear – Spaz is the boss.  She’s not a very nice boss either.  She is a BITCH!  She’s  always yelling at us for all sorts of very logical reasons… like our making it rain outside or the fact that we sometimes like to use the bathroom without her supervision or we came home late without calling her first and OH MY GOD WHERE HAVE WE BEEN???  HER DISH IS ALMOST HALF EMPTY!!!  I think our midyear reviews are coming up – I’m worried.

Who’s the boss in your family?

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  1. I have a wife, five kids, two dogs, four cats, one snake, one rabbit, one gerbil, and one hamster, and I can truthfully say that ALL of them are higher up in the domestic food chain than I am. It’s cool, though. Every so often someone brings me some cookies and a glass of water, so I’m good.
    I actually couldn’t imagine being the boss. I don’t know where our mailbox is, I’m not sure what the buttons on the dishwasher and washing machine do, the vacuum cleaner requires a PhD to operate, and I can’t remember anyone’s birthday. Yep. I’m proud to be a feminist!

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