Upgrade to WordPress 2.8

So in case you missed it (for those of you who actually care about this sort of thing), the new version of WordPress was just released in the last couple of days.  It’s version 2.8, Baker – named after Jazz great Chet Baker and, as something of a Jazz geek, I think that alone is pretty sweet.

I had originally intended to hold off on the upgrade, because I don’t know my head from my ass, and because people often have problems with this sort of thing and I’d read horror stories of some people totally losing their blogs in the upgrade process and I was just not up for that sort of headache.  No, I was going to wait a bit, see what people were saying, do some research and then see if I could persuade my friendly neighborhood IT consultant, Tom, to come over and supervise.  I could lure him in with the promise of beer and/or whiskey and he could watch me make look like an idiot – which is really no different from any other Saturday night at our house.

That was the original plan… but then, WordPress kept mocking me with it’s little warning at the top of my dashboard, saying You’re not using the latest version! (horrors!) Upgrade now! – or something to that effect.  They know perfectly well I can’t resist a free upgrade to the latest and greatest of ANYTHING.  I LOVE new stuff!   And  then I kept reading all these geeky articles telling me why I needed to upgrade to Baker immediately,  but I kept saying “Noo nooo, I’m going to wait and be responsible”, but I just couldn’t do it any longer…  It had been TWO WHOLE DAYS of this kind of torture.

I was backing up my blog this morning through my host just in preparation for when I was going to be responsible and wait for supervision from my neighborhood IT guy, when I noticed that even my host was urging me to upgrade.  It was like some sort of vast geek-wing conspiracy.  I couldn’t hold out a minute longer.  I disabled all my plug-ins (as all the articles I’d read had told me to do) and I just did it.  I hit the button.  It was hot!  You know how I love touching buttons –  I’m getting a little hot just talking about it 🙂

It was simple (not just hot, but easy too!) and I think it took less than 2 seconds (that’s not hot).   Was it worth it?  Oh yes.  Now I am no longer fighting any temptations.  I’m fully satisfied.  I don’t know how much better it really is than the previous version (Coltrane – love the Jazz names), but I’m just getting started.  It does seem like the admin pages are a little quicker than they used to be.

Anyway, that’s my story (exciting,I know).  So, if you’re a WordPress.org user and you’ve been fighting off the temptations of upgrading like I was, I think you should just give and do it.  It will be totally worth it and I promise you you’ll be able to look at yourself in the mirror in the morning.  You’ll be doing victory laps with Baker- not the dreaded walk of shame!

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