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Have I mentioned before that I’m up for Daughter of The Year? Have I also mentioned that I’m a total glutton for punishment? No? I am.

So this should be fun… I’ve set up a little blog for my mom over at We were talking about my blog and she was saying that she should get a blog and she could maybe write reviews of the books she’s reading and other stuff. And I said OMG! YOU TOTALLY SHOULD! I CAN HOOK YOU UP!!! And now she has a blog. I registered the domain and did the basic set up of it over the weekend and I’m going over my parents’ house tonight to show her the ropes and make any changes that she may want.

This should be interesting- she’s a noob (even though she does work in IT – not that that necessarily means ANYTHING) and I don’t think she really reads any blogs besides my own. It will be fun, though… more fun geek work for me and I always like teaching people stuff. Good times :)

Obviously she hasn’t written anything in it yet and I’m not sure when she’s going to or exactly what she plans on writing about (other than she thought she might talk a little about the books she’s reading – mom’s a big reader), but once she gets started you should check her out, because I’m sure she’ll have lots of good stuff to share. Mom’s a smart lady – she taught me everything I know šŸ˜‰


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  1. Where are you going to put your Daughter of the Year trophy? I can’t wait to see the You Tube footage of your win and acceptance speech! We are all cheering for you!

  2. That’s pretty cool. Y’know, very few women will say things like, “Hey, you should check out my mom.” Hmm…okay, that put me somewhere I didn’t want to go. Never mind.

  3. LOL, you know how people have all those blogging awards on their blogs? I should totally make myself a Daughter of the Year Trophy and put it in my sidebar :)

  4. Hey Kate! Thanks for your comment! I just noitced the other day the flashing “Upgrade Now!” text for the new version of WordPress. Are there any new feature worth doing the upgrade for?

    Anyway…love your deck photos. It sort of looks like our deck! How did you get the layout of your Flickr photos in your recent photos section? I love it instead of just putting a link up to the photos like I’ve done.

  5. Very cool. I’m off to check Mom’s blog and say hello. I say, make up a trophy and stick that baby on your site~

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