LEGALIZE! The Decriminalization of Marijuana

This was a really interesting article by Mike Miliard from The Hartford Advocate that I came across this afternoon about the progress made in the fight to legalize pot. It’s a little bit lengthy, but definitely an interesting read. While I’m by no means a pot head these days, I have smoked a little marijuana (in my checkered past :p) and, like our boy Obama, “I inhaled frequently…That was the point.” I (and most people I know for that matter) feel that it’s just plain ridiculous that it’s illegal.



LEGALIZE! The Decriminalization of Marijuana — 2 Comments

  1. I’m not sure. I go back and forth on the issue. For medicial reasons I’m 100% in favor of it. I’ll have to go read this article and see what I can learn!

  2. It wouldn’t be so bad if it just didn’t make people so stupid after a while. Of course, so does…wait…what was I talking about? Look! A butterfly!

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