Wife Camp

Kevin sent me a link to this article from Mother Jones about a sort of “Wife Camp”, a summer camp in Montreal for 10 to 14 year old girls in which they will

develop confidence, social charm and grace, a sense of style and refinement. Participants will learn an array of skills from social etiquette, personal presentation skills, personal grooming and care, choice and co-ordination of attire, reception planning and hosting, to singing and dancing, Students will also be introduced to selected disciplines of music and fine arts (such as painting, and piano). At the end of the event, participants will host a cocktail reception for their parents to celebrate the results of their efforts in a real-life setting.

Yuck… well, that just reeks of a certain 1950’s housewifery.   While  I can admit that a lot of teenagers these days (not all – I don’t want to hear about your own super charming children) have about all the social grace of a door knob, this is really a bit much.  Oh, and why is this only for girls?   Yeah, I just don’t like it.

And should I be concerned that Kevin sent me this link?  What exactly is he trying to tell me?  :p

Wife Camp for Canadian Girls

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