Chicken Stew with Onions, Tomatoes, and Dijon

June 2009 003

Remember not that long ago when I was talking about all the gorgeous Spring weekends we were having here in CT?  Well guess what?   Mother Nature must have a severe case of PMS, because all that has stopped and it’s been cool and rainy just about every day these past few weeks and it feels a lot more like October than June.

When the weather gets like this, I get a little down and tend to seek comfort in food – usually in a warm bowl of… just about anything.   One of my favorite recipes to make when the weather is getting me down is this Chicken Stew with Onions, Tomatoes, and Dijon by Elise from Simply Recipes.

It’s pretty simple and fairly inexpensive to make, uses ingredients that I know I usually have on hand, and can easily be altered with simple additions or substitutions… You know I almost never completely follow a recipe :)  Oh, and it’s amaaazing! 

This one’s a keeper that I would highly recommend trying out on those cool rainy days that Mother Nature sometimes throws us.


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