Billy Mays Found Dead At Home

Billy MaysSo it’s really been quite a week – definitely not a good week to be famous – or marginally famous even.   Apparently Billy Mays – don’t you guys pretend you don’t  know who I’m talking about – the infomercial guy, is dead.  I see his commercials all  the time on the weekends when I watch hours and hours of the Food Network.   What?  We don’t all do that?   So I guess it’s just me then.

So  anyway, is it wrong that I may actually be more upset about this than when I found out that MJ died the other day?  I really liked that guy (don’t know what it is – he was just a likable guy)… and I really wanted his job.   Hmm… I hear there may be an opening.

Billy Mays Found Dead At Home


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  1. heard this on the radio that Billy Mays’ family was going to bury him as soon as their “awesome augger” came in the mail…. lol…. Cruel, yet funny. :)

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