Getting In Touch With My Rage

Overall, I’d have to say I’m a pretty mellow person.  I just don’t tend  to let things get to me the way that many people do.   However, as I am getting older, I seem to  be getting more  and more in touch with my anger, which is probably a good thing, as when I was a kid, I would NEVER get angry and I would just let things eat away at me from the inside, and then I would inevitably just end up crying over stupid little things.  These days, I do get angry, and fairly often at that!

I have found that I have what I think might be an abnormally low tolerance for incompetence and inefficiency, and sadly, I seem to encounter so much of it every day! I’m honestly not sure how some people have manged to remain alive as long as they have, without having someone around to remind them to keep breathing. How have they managed to remain alive without someone choking them in a fit of rage? I just don’t understand…

While I don’t go as far as to choke anyone (as much as I would sometimes like to), I do try to get the anger out instead of letting it fester. Normally, I find someone to vent to and I turn into George Constanza, my voice going up an octive and waiving my hands wildly as I speak.

Are you in touch with your rage? What really gets you going?

If you’ve lived under a rock your whole life and didn’t get the George Costanza reference, see below:

The Jerk Store Called, They’re Running Out of You!

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  1. I store my anger in a small box in my brain. One day, that box is gonna pop open, and then I’ll probably hijack a UPS truck and drive recklessly down the freeway median while throwing a variety of brown packages at rednecks, assholes who drive expensive cars, and crazy old people in RVs. Until then, I’ll just have to maintain low expectations.
    Frankly, I think that if we’re competent enough to fairly assess when someone is truly skirting the border of Morondom, we oughta have the kind of civil rights that allow us to slap ’em around for the mere reason that they exist. If that were the case, I would spend my whole day in Wal-Mart. They collect them there.

  2. It may be good to let it out, but it’s also no fun being around someone who gets angry all the time.

    All told, I think we are generally quick tempered and angry toward things that reflect our own shortcomings. For instance, if we feel we are running out of time to accomplish fulfilling goals, we snap at inefficiency as well as impediments on our time.

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