At the Beach, Beachez!

I know, that title is terrible… but it made me happy – and that’s what this blog is all about – my MASSIVE ego. When Facebook just isn’t enough for you, it’s time to start a blog.

Anyway, I am heading off to visit my BFF in the great state of RI – the tiniest of all the great states! And we will be going to the beach! It is now late July and I have not yet been to the beach (probably has something to do with Mother Nature and her menopausal state this season). What is the point of living in New England if you’re not going to hit up the beach once in awhile? One of the many not so great reasons people give for why living in CT is a good thing is proximity to beaches (along with the always present ” it’s only 2 hours from New York City AND Boston- oh my!”)

I will also be seeing her new house (which I have not yet seen and she’s been there for quite a while now – I am the worst BFF ever)! And we will also probably be going to dinner and consuming some alcoholic beverages – which I will probably blog and or tweet about at a later, yet to be determined, date.

Anyway, I have to run a few errands before heading off on my grand adventure. I just wanted to check in and remind everyone to have a safe and happy weekend! Later Beachez! (Yeah, I totally just violated you again with that)

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