Less Than One Week!!!

So it’s official!   As I mentioned awhile back, I’ll be on vacation all  next week and I could not be more excited.   When I requested the week off , I wasn’t really sure exactly what I would be doing with my week, but I did have a few ideas.  I’ve been throwing the ideas at Kevin for the past month or so, and as is so often the case, he was fairly unresponsive.  But I think we’ve finally got it all figured out.  We’ve even booked a hotel room!

The plan is… three day weekend in Baltimore, MD (Saturday through Monday), a few days at home (maybe catch a Yankee game on day), and  then another three day weekend in Portland, ME (Friday through Sunday).

Now we just have to figure out what we’ll be doing on our little vacations… Has anyone been to Baltimore or Portland recently?  Any suggestions on places to go and fun things to do?

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