Whole Foods To Begin Wine Cork Recycling Program

Whole Foods recently announced that they will begin a program to collect customers’ wine corks.  They have partnered with Cork ReHarvest to find various ways to recycle the used corks, which will be sent to several different manufacturers who will turn them into interesting household items.

I think this is a pretty neat idea, because if you’re like me you drink a lot of wine… and you’re left with a lot of random corks lying around the house in various drawers and baskets.  Sometimes they find their way onto the floor and the cats manage to get a hold of them and turn them into toys to be batted around the house.  It would be nice to be able to actually do something useful with them (though I’m sure the cats will be disappointed).

I actually have a trivet made of wine corks that my parents brought me back from a trip to New Hampshire.

wine cork trivet

I think this is a pretty cool idea and I like that it gives me chance to finally empty out  my junk drawers.  Now if I could only find something to do with all the bottle caps…

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