Smokin’ With Chris – Southington, CT

Think you can’t find good Barbecue in CT?  Then you clearly have never been to Smokin’ With Chris in Southington, CT.   Over the past couple of years, Kevin and I have visited the establishment many times ( I think we may be nearing “regular” status)  and we have never left disappointed.  This post is long overdue.    The fact that Kevin and I have returned so many times speaks to the overall awesomeness of this restaurant.

You see, Kevin and I really aren’t your typical barbecue fans… we’re generally not even big meat eaters, but we do appreciate good food and good beer – and at Smokin’ With Chris that is what you will get!  And you’ll get a lot of it –  I would consider both Kevin and myself to be  big eaters and I always take half home with me and  Kevin usually leaves very full.

They have great food, a great beer selection (they only have about 6 taps, but they’re generally all really good craft beers that you just don’t find everywhere), and if you go on the right night, great music.   The owner, Chris Conlon, is always there and can always be found speaking with the patrons.  It’s clear that he has a real passion for what he does there and that’s what makes the place so special.  Everything is just done right.

Some pictures (from my iPhone -sorry about the less than stellar quality) from our most recent visit:

Kevin started with the French Onion soup, which he said was quite good – and he’s something of an expert on the subject.

french onion soup

I had the pulled pork sandwich – which is what I usually end up getting – with a side of fries and they’re cucumber salad – gotta get some vegetables in there somewhere, right?

pulled pork

I chose to wash it down with the Flying Dog Raging Bitch, which is really an excellent IPA.

Flying Dog Raging Bitch

Kevin ended up choosing the Meat Lovers Combo, which is a TON of food… and I don’t know how he does it.  He chose sides of mac  n’ cheese and onion rings. I did  try a little of everything and it was all pretty awesome.

Meat Lovers Combo

Overall, it was another great trip  to Smokin’ With Chris!  As always, we both left very full.  If you find yourself with a craving for BBQ and are  in or around Southington, CT, this the place to go!

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