Study Shows Beer Could Be Good For Bone Health

We all know that wine had gained a lot of attention for it’s potential health benefits, but recent studies show that beer, also, could be great for your health.  IPA’s (my personal favorite) could be especially beneficial for their high levels of silicon, which is known to help decrease bone thinning and promote new bone […]

Sarah Palin’s Keynote Speech at Wine Wholesalers Expo

So apparently, earlier this week Sarah Palin gave the keynote speech for the Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America’s 67th Annual Convention… and, big shock, it didn’t go so well.  Number one, why would one invite Sarah Palin to give the keynote speech for a wine convention (besides the obvious assumption that most of us […]

The Tunnel Bar – Northampton, MA

Recently, I’ve developed quite a fondness for whiskey…  Kevin loves the stuff and I wanted to be able to drink it with him.   As with everything, practice makes perfect.  We started by making Manhattans somewhat regularly and sure enough, I was soon able to just drink whiskey straight.  Good stuff.  Anyway, the Manhattan has […]