Ice Cream For Lunch! J Foster Ice Cream – Simsbury, CT

So as I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve taken a much needed week off from work..  Really, I was waayy overdue for some time off and I feel much better already!  I’m sure that will all change Sunday night, … Continue reading

Heather’s Birthday : Part Deux

My last post detailed the little gathering we had last Sunday night to celebrate Heather’s birthday. That just didn’t feel like it was quite enough, though.  On Saturday night we went out on the town and gave Heather a more … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Heather!

After dinner tonight, Kevin and I took a little stroll down to Tom and Heather’s house to help them celebrate Heather’s 32nd birthday with her dear old friend Fudgie The Whale… yes, you heard me, Fudgie The Whale.  When was … Continue reading