J Restaurant / Bar – Hartford, CT

I recently went to a show at The Bushnell with my mom and her BFF, Mary, to celebrate both of their birthdays.  The show started at 8pm, so of course we wanted to meet up and grab a little dinner before it started.  It’s always quite the challenge deciding where to go for dinner before seeing a show in Hartford.  You want to find a place that has ample parking, quick service and is located not too far from the theater.  It would also help, of course, if the food is good.  I think we may have found our new go – to spot!

J Restaurant/Bar met all the criteria!  The food was great, there was on site parking, the service was fairly quick (although our server did take awhile to get us the bill when we were ready for it) and the restaurant is located just minutes from The Bushnell…and we got 20% off our entrees because were going to the show!  Perfect!

To start, we all had the White Bean and Potato Soup… Our server told us and the table around us that the soup would be White Bean and Spinach.  There was no spinach in the soup, but it was still really good.

White Bean and Potato Soup

I had the Seared Ahi Tuna, which was served over a really yummy arugula salad and fried dough. Yes, fried dough!  How cool is that?

Seared Ahi Tuna

Mom had the Seared Sea Scallops and Polenta.

Seared Sea Scallops

Mary had the Pork Special with asparagus.


Overall, everything was really delicious and they had a very nice wine list.   As I mentioned before, we did have a hard time getting our bill when were ready to leave (my one complaint), but we still made it to the show in plenty of time!

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