Happy Holidays, Everyone!

This post could just as easily be entitled Welcome to My Cookie Nightmare or perhaps The Great Cookie Tray of Doom, but I decided to just keep it light and simple.  It’s Christmas Eve, after all, and I don’t want to sound like a total Scrooge!  It’s just that after spending the last two weekends baking and eating cookies, I feel like I might actually vomit if I have to look at another one.  That being said, this is a food centered blog, and I’ve taken like 8,000 pictures of cookies and other peoples’ Christmas decorations, and I would be remiss if I didn’t do some sort of holiday baking post.   Also, I promised my friend Andrea that her Cookie Swap from a couple of weekends ago would make my blog.  Oh, the things I’ll do for my friends…   So here’s a quick photo dump of my last two weekends since I don’t really have the time to post a recipe at the moment, because, get this, I have more baking to do today!  Happy Holidays, Folks!


A few photos from the Cookie Swap:

Andrea’s tree… with Christmas gifts already wrapped on December 10th.  Are you kidding me?  I hadn’t even started my shopping yet at that point!

Awesome tower of cookies that Andrea and her mom made – including homemade marshmallows!

The hostess with mostest.  This is possibly the happiest I’ve ever seen Andrea – I think she was several drinks in at this point, so that makes sense 🙂



Photos from last weekend – the Annual Baking Extravaganza with Mom:


I made Oatmeal Cranberry White Chip Cookies  on my own before heading over to my parents’ house (yes, just about every cookie I make has oatmeal in it).  They had already made four different kinds over there without me.

They were also looking pretty festive over there – pretty impressive since they just moved into the new house a few weeks ago!

The beginnings of Pecan Tassies…  these cookies are the worst to make, but they’re so good to eat!  I guess it’s worth it.

Here’s a picture of Dad supervising…  I have a picture of mom, hard at work, too, but it’s not the most flattering photo, so I won’t post it.  She actually looks kind of pissed – certainly not as happy as Andrea looks in the photo above.  Clearly we hadn’t had enough to drink yet.

Actually, after all that work, I think we’ve all earned my normal Christmas Eve tradition of celebrating with a few Gin and Tonics!

Merry X-Mas from The World According to Kate!

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  1. AWESOME! And yes I am pretty sure we had a lot to drink that night…which is how we managed to stay up past midnight! :o)

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