busy week

wow, what a busy weekend…
what a busy week…

Monday night… book club- only a few people showed and Jenn was the only one who read.

Tuesday night… Met mom for dinner and shopping after work

Wednesday night… bowling with my team from work, because my managers from Iowa were out here. It was a lot of fun. It was cool to met the managers and realize that neither my main manager or my team lead have more than like 5 years on me… good to know.

Thursday night- date with Kevin!!! wow, even better than I’d expected. 4 hours at the coffee shop, then over an hour talking in my front yard when he dropped me off. I’m proceeding cautiously with this, because well, that’s just what I do these days, but let’s just say there’s some definite potential there. We have plans to get together again this Wednesday.

Friday night, I went out with Jenn after work… we just went to Angellino’s for dinner and then ran a few errands, got some coffee, and then went to Sliders for a few drinks. I always hate going to Sliders though, because I sreiously end up knowing half the people there from high school- not that’s sooo bad, but it is sort of weird and kind of distracting for me. I don’t know, I still had a good time though. We were going to go to the Greek Fest after dinner, but then realized it would just be a lot of food and we were both really full from dinner, so we decided to skip it.

Yesterday I had work from 8 to noon and got like nothing done. I swear, coming in on the weekends to finish up transfers is like the bggest waste of my time. I just can never seem to focus and get stuff done. I then came home, took a long nap, got some stuff done around the house, and went out for dinner at Capri with the parents and ran some errands. I then watched Garden State on DVD with my mom. I had already seen it, but was more than happy to see it again. Hey, its a good movie… and mom had never seen it and I thought she should.

Today we did a Father’s Day Brunch at the Stonewell, and then I came home, talked to Kevin for awhile, got some stuff done, and then we had the whole family over for our normal Sunday night dinner. It was a pretty good day.

It was a pretty good weekend…. just really busy and as a result it flew by. Back to work tomorrow… ugh. I should really take some of my PTO time. I don’t kow when. I;ve got a couple days picked out in July and I may take a day next week some time. ::Shrugs::

OK, I’ve got to get some reading done. The next book club pick is The Plot Against America, by Philip Roth. Seeing as its my pick, I guess I should apply myself and really read.

Goodnight Everyone!

Bookclub Meeting #3 AKA The Black Tulip works even better than Nyquil

OK, this is the third time I have tried to update today… so if this doesn’t work, oh well. Last night waas our third bookclub meeting. Can you tell I’m loving this little endeavour? Half of my posts in this blog revolve around the bookclub…

So anyway, it ended up being kind of lame. Nobody showed up. It was just me, Jenn, Laura and Laura’ s sister and her sister’s friend visiting down from Syracuse. Nobody, with an exception of Jenn, had read the book in its entirety. I didn’t even get it. It was The Black Tulip by Dumass I tried two libraries and wasn’t trying a third after hearing about how boring it was. The girl, Sofiya, who picked the book didn’t even show. I don’t think she even read it.

I’m sorry, picking books written over one hundred years ago that read like history texts for the bookclub does not make you look intellectual (especially if you don’t even read it yourself) it just makes you look pretentious.

The next pick is mine and we will be reading The Plot Against America by Philip Roth.


It has been such a ridiculously busy weekend… one of those weekends you feel you need a weekend from once it’s all over. I have a big, close-knit family that keeps me crazy busy (or perhaps just crazy) on the weekends. This weekend it was the big tag sale. This won’t be it though. There will be probably at least 3 or 4 more before the season is over. Sigh. How many 23 year olds (with social lives) do you know who stay home and help their family set up for a tag sale all weekend? Yeah, probably just me. And it is sooo underappreciated. Grawr. It generally doesn’t bother me. I’m pretty used to it by now, but every once in awhile… it just can get soooo frustrating. I do so much around here and nobody seems to notice… OK, its not that much, but its waaay more than most of my peers do around their house. I need to move out again. I’d still be busy with them though. I need to move back out of state again, lol. Yeah, that was always a good excuse.

I’m sooo tired right now. I should just go to bed… but if I go to bed, I’m just gonna have to wake up and go to work. I’d rather prolong this a bit… besides I’m waiting for a nice boy to IM me or e-mail me back. Heh, haven’t done that in awhile… haven’t even cared in awhile. Probably good though… I was getting a little concerned with the lack of interest I’ve felt lately towards dating… I was feeling all dated out there for awhile. I could go for another casual Summer relationship. Ahh, the Summer… always makes me want to go on dates and hold hands and cuddle with cute, nerdy (ish) boys with good hearts.

Achhh, it’s going to be another busy week… Monday, Wednesday, Friday and possibly Saturday nights are already booked. I guess that’s good, but it also makes me all kinds of stressed out just thinking about it… good times.

OK, I’m a gonna head to bed, maybe get a little reading done…

Later nerds.

and now, back by popular demand…

So, as all two of my readers have noticed, I have not been updating much lately. This is for several reasons… well, a couple of reasons…

a) I’ve been really busy
and, of course,
b) I have no life

so I, thus, have very little to update on… Exciting stuff.

I would, however, like this to be a real, live, decent post… so where to begin, where to begin…

Well, the job is going quite swimmingly, I must say… I definitely enjoy it more than I enjoyed The Hartford and working for temp agency. I guess that’s not really saying a whole lot, but seriously, its not a bad gig. Our Lion could take their Stag any day! :-p I mean, c’mon, I’m updating from work right now… how bad could it possibly be?
In other news, Summer has returned after a long, disappointingly drab, Spring. Thank god… it really could not come soon enough. As we all know, the Summer is by far my most favorite time of year. It makes my soul smile. I’ll take 90 degree humid weather over snow and freezing temperatures any day. This is great 🙂 It just puts me in an all around much better mood. It starts improving in about April and rises until about this point where it stays put until about September or October…. damn seasonal depression. I should really consider leaving New England, lol.

Eh, who am I kidding? I love New England… it’s the only place I can imagine living for the rest of my life. I mean I’d like to live other places for a short period of time, but I would definitely plan on moving back. I love the seasons, the scenery, the history, the fact that I live within a 6 hour drive of DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, and Boston… I’ve got both beaches and mountains in a drive of about an hour, maybe 2, depending on traffic. Also, where I live in CT, everything I would ever need is within a drive of about a half hour, sometimes 45 mins (depending on traffic or if I’m just going out of the way for something special). You really can’t say that everywhere… I mean, seriously, why would I really want to live anywhere else? People who’ve lived here their whole lives think I’m crazy for saying that, but having lived somewhere else for awhile ( a major city no less), I can honestly say we’ve got it pretty good here.

OK, so I wasn’t planning on the above paragraph coming out… I was just gonna give a brief update about how life’s goin… that’s how it always works though, isn’t it?

Anyway, its goin well… and my lunch is just about over… so, I have to go now 🙁

I’ll be back though! I never really left…

work, work, work

Thought I’d do a really quick update even though I have to leave for work in like 15 mins, lol… so yeah, me and the other newbies are really official now, putting in crazy overtime and everything… it’s just Thursday and we’ve already put in 4 hours O/T this week! There’s still today and tomorrow and I know tomorrow’s one of our busier days… oy. Yay for time and a half though. I’ve already decided I’m putting all my O/T pay into savings. That should add up quick 🙂

My computer’s all set up at work now, but I still don’t have access to a few programs that I need to perform the basic function of my job, so I’m still sharing with other people 🙁 That kind of sucks. I’m the only trainee left who can’t do work on their own computer and I feel kind of bad, because I know the others would probably rather just start doing stuff on their own… grrr. I know I would.

OK, I really do have to get going now… Later!

Moby thinks you suck

Hey, remember when like 5 or 10 years ago all the trendy kids were listening to techno? Now the only people who listen to mainly that kind of stuff are well… kind of weird. I always find it humorous when I meet someone who I think is maybe a little strange and then I ask them what kind of music they listen to… and they say electronic. I always smile and say “oh, that’s cool” and think to myself ‘well, that explains everything’…