Sooo… an update… it happens every now and then. The new job is going just swimmingly. I got my 401(k) set up and benefits and alll that good stuff. Still in training, so its kiind of boring, but hey, I’d rather be bored than miserable. Since working at The Hartford in their call center, that’s become sort of my work mantra. Better bored than miserable. ::thumbs up::

I just deleted my LiveJournal. I just got kind of sick of it. I’ve had it for like 3 years and I’ve never been good at keeping it up- like even worse than I am with this, so I thought… what the hell? Screw it. Now I just have one journal. It makes life easier. Simplify people, simplify.

Life’s been good. Book club’s been good. The new book is Running With Scissors. I’ve been reading it at lunch at work. Quite enjoyable.

Been going out with my friends a lot lately, so the social life is good. I have no complaints. Holy crap, I jus may be content for the time being. It’s been awhile since I could say that.

Nothing in the romantic dept to really speak of, but that’s not really bothering me too much. I mean, I’m talking to a couple people, but I don’t see anything happening… and that’s ok. I’m getting myself figured out… and that’s good.

Turn on Your Love Light

Haven’t listened to the Dead in awhile… damn good stuff. I love to pull out the stuff that I used to listen to constantly, but maybe haven’t really played in years. It’s so strange how you can put it on and after so much time has passed, you can still remember just about every lyric to every song. It’s pretty cool.

So anyway, I start at ING on Monday at 8:30… I can’t wait. I’m so excited and nervous at the same time, but mostly just excited. Yay… I don’t actually suck at life. 🙂

I’ve been so busy the past week trying to get everything in order… putting in my notice at both the temp agency and the bank, getting stuff straightened out with my background check, calling all over the freakin’ country and leaving messages on a lot of different machines… but it all pays off at the end.

So yesterday was my last day at the bank. Everyone was really sweet- I got flowers, a card, a cake, and a random $26 that was collected so I can do lunch or something… how cool is that? I was only there for like 3 or 4 months… the ladies (and John, lol) are so sweet. I definitely hope to keep in touch with a few of them- even though there is a slight language barrier at times, haha.

I promptly went out to El Sombreros last night and spent my $26 on three frozen peach margaritas (my favorite) and chicken nachos (mmmm…) with the old crew from The Hartford. Yesterday was Shannon’s last day there, so we were celebrating her leaving and my getting a new job. So much fun. Man, I drank about one too many margaritas though. I fell in o my habit of talking waaay too much. I do it every time. I just couldn’t shut myself up. I don’t think I made too much of an ass out of myself. I didn’t talk about anything embarassing- which I sometimes do… I just talked a lot, lol. Oh well. If I just talk too much sometimes when I drink, I don’t think I’m in too bad of shape. It could be MUCH worse.

So anyway, today’s a beautiful day, so I think I’ll skip the gym and wash my car and maybe do something else outside… I’d hate to keep myself penned up in the gym on such a beautiful day. Hrmmm…. what to do, what to do…

Stella Was a Driver…

The title refers to a great song by Interpol… I think I might just like it because my car’s name is Stella, lol.

So yeah… thought it was time for another update. April already. Holy crap…where does the time go??? I’m getting old. You know you’re an adult when time starts going uber-fast like this. Damn the man and his 40 hour work week.

Speaking of work, I’ve been interviewing with ING… sent in my resume for a position two weekends ago, heard from them the middle of that week… had a telephone interview with them on Monday, and then actually met with someone on Wednesday. I should be hearing back again sometime early this week and then if I get it, I’ll be starting next Monday… crazy how fast its all going ::CROSSES FINGERS:: I want and need this so bad. It’s Kizmet- their color is orange- just like me 🙂 I’m terrified that I won’t hear back- or that I will and it will be in the form of another rejection letter. It will totally ruin me. Just a warning for any readers I may have. Yeah, if I don’t get it, there will be at least one really crabby post.

In other news, first book club meeting is a week from tomorrow. Our first book is The Curious Incident of the Dog at Night-time by Mark Haddon. Good stuff. I just started reading it and I’m already hooked. It’s a quick, easy read- which is good because I only have a week to read it and lately I just don’t have the time to really read anything. I mean I’ve been reading, but at a very slow pace- just at lunch and before bed- and before bed, I usually fall asleep after like 10 pages, lol. So yeah…

It was a bad gym week… I only went one night and it was a pretty lazy work out. I was a little sick and post-nazal drippy all week though, so I think that’s a pretty good excuse. I hate working out when I don’t feel well.

Parents leave for their cruise in a week… That’s exciting. My brother and I will be alone for a week. Hah. I’d say party at my house if I had a few more friends around here… not that I’ve really been in the partying mood lately anyway. Friday, I met the girls at El Sombrero for Happy Hour… I had one beer all night and was home by like 10, haha. Just din’t feel much like socializing. I was in sort of a negative mood most of the weekend. Feeling better right now though… kind of funny seeing as its a Sunday night, meaning I have to go back to work tomorrow morning… and that I’m nervous about whether or not I’ll hear back from ING. And that it looks like the temp assignement may be ending soon. The workload this past week was practically nothing compared with what it’s been since we started there in December. Another reason why I need the job at ING so badly. Sigh. I may have just brought the good mood back down. :-/

OK, well… I just wanted to update again, bacause it’s been a little while… Time to go back to reading my book 🙂

Smoldering Idol

So, a few weeks ago, my family and I were watching American Idol (as we often do on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings) and Simon made the comment that if the competition were Smoldering Idol, Constantine (whom my mother and I adore for some reason unknown even to us) would have it won- or something to that effect at least. Anyway, it really stuck with my mother and me. I was thinking… wouldn’t it be great if it were Smoldering Idol? Let’s just get rid of all those pesky girls. In fact, let’s rework next season into something more along the lines of an all-male review. Phenomenal. Perhaps there should be a swimsuit competition involved. And, please, no uglies.

Hehe :-p

Coca-Cola Conspiracy

don’t ask about the title… I’m bizarre.

Anyway, it’s been a few days so I thought I would update. Not a whole lot to update on… it was a busy weekend, but I mean, you get kind of tired of just talking about how your day was after awhile… or at least I do… and do you really even care? That’s what I thought.

A few highlights from the last several days…

Friday– Happy Hour at Quinn’s with the crew… it was Mike’s last day of work before movin’ to Hawaii… lucky bastard. Awesome time had. A little bit of drama ( not involving me of course- not really the dramatic type if you haven’t figured that one out), but it made the vening more interesting.

Saturday– errands in the morning, Diary of a Mad Black Woman with Aunt Annie… ran into Johanna and her bf (Chris?) at the movies… kind of weird as I hadn’t heard from her in a few months (we used to be pretty close) and then saw her at the Happy Hour on Friday and bonded and made up ( not that I was really mad at her in the first place for disappearing- it happens)… two days in a row… strangeness

Sunday– gym in the morning, Grandma’s 73rd birthday… good times. I bought her a plant and a 2 disc set of I Love Lucy– Aunt Karen got her the the same set, lol… 😛 she’s returnring hers. Disappointed by the lack of Desperate Housewives, but pleasantly surprised by Jake in Progress – gotta love Uncle Jesse in a suit and 86 the weird mullet.

Today– half day at work, but went in an hour early, met Andrea for lunch at 99, shopping with mom in the afternoon, nap, gym… 5 1/2 miles on the eliptical. The gym was packed. I found out when all the gym sluts go, but with the hoes, come the really hot gym guys… mmm mmm mmm… there’s some motivation for ya… too bad most of them have like 6 brain cells.

Oh, remember that date I was supposed to have last week? I ended up having to work late and cancelled. He’s called me since, but I haven’t returned his calls… I’ve been really busy and when I do have the time lately I just don’t really feel like being social, lol. I’m a bitch. So yeah, I’ve decided that if I don’t have the time or energy to put into returning phone calls and making conversation, I obviously don’t have the time to required to put into a relationship. I need to work on me first. Yeah, I say that now…

Ok, I guess that’s all for now… Sweet Dreams!

The Struggle Against Perfectionism

I am not perfect. Nobody is perfect. Nobody expects me to be perfect.

Most people learn and understand these concepts at a fairly young age. I don’t know if I ever really did. I think the first time it ever really hit me was about a year ago. I am 23 years old. I was about 22 when I realized it. I mean, we’re all told these things when we are very small, but I don’t think I ever really grasped it until recently and am still coming to terms with it all. Actually, I know for a fact and remember very clearly taking the phrase “nobody’s perfect” as something of a challenge- like I could really prove them wrong and be “perfect”… whatever that means. Who does that?

I find that now that I have come to a better understanding of these facts, I am much more comfortable in my every day life. I am much less neurotic and can just do things without overthinking every minute detail… It’s really quite nice. Old habits die hard though, and I often have to repeat the words above.

I am not perfect. Nobody is perfect. Nobody expects me to be perfect.

and I thought Monday was rough…

So if yesterday was a long, tedious day, today was the next best thing to eternal damnation. The work was just about impossible again and then there was the issue with the snow… Ohhh my god. It was rainy this morning. I knew it was supposed to turn to snow, but somehow I guess I just didn’t really beleive it, lol. I thought maybe some kind of freezing rain or icy mix, but no… it was definitely snow. The rush hour traffic was hell this evening… what should be a 20 minute drive, but is usually a half hour to 45 minutes in rush hour was just about a 2 hour drive today. Oh man, I wanted to cry. There was some serious road rage happening in my car. And it all starts up again tomorrow. I may even go in early and stay late tomorrow. Today was a light workload (well not for me, because I always work on the holdover from previous days- the stuff that someone’s already gone through and couldn’t figure out), so tomorrow it should be extra busy. How many temps do you know that put in all sorts of overtime? Yep, that’s what I thought… just me.

It was a relaxing night though… had some dinner, watched TV- American Idol and then House, worked out for a bit, then talked to Tim for a bit on the phone. The date is on for tomorrow. I don’t know how it’s going to go. He seems really nice, but maybe a bit shy or something. The phone conversation tonight was just slightly awkward- and short, but it was getting late. Oh well, I’m sure it won’t be too bad tomorrow. I’m usually pretty good at keeping a conversation going. The other night I couldn’t shut up. I kind of felt bad, lol. I wish I could stop with the jokes. I mean, people who know me know my sense of humor and find them funny, but it’s probably a bit strange for someone who doesn’t know me. Oh well, he’ll know me soon enough.

In other news, Jenn may come with me and my family to North Carolina in May. That would be really cool. I am so psyched to go (whether she comes or not). If she comes with us, I know I’ll really have a blast (did I really just say I’d have a blast???). Man, I cannot wait for warm weather, the beach, a week off from work… Just thinking about it makes me happy… and a little impatient, lol.

OK, well on that note, I think I will head to bed, where I’ll be dreaming of warm, sunny weather… NOT two hours spent in a tundra- like I-84 during rush hour. Night all!

Beach House

Rainy days and Mondays… always get me down

Well, it wasn’t rainy (actually it was quite nice), but it certainly was a Monday. Ugh, and a long Monday at that. What is it about Mondays? I mean, I know the obvious you’re just getting back from the weekend, but I dunno… it seems there’s something more. I think I’d dislike Mondays even if I had a job that I loved. I guess it’s all psychological.

Anyway, it was one of those days that just wouldn’t end. It was ridiculously unproductive too. I got put to work on a problem that was just a mess and took me damn near the whole day to solve.I hate feeling unproductive. Hopefully tomorrow is better.

It’s supposed to snow tomorrow…. argh. I am so sick of the winter. Damn freakin’ groundhog and his stupid shadow :-p Oh well, what are ya gonna do? Spring is near. I’m just getting really impatient. The grey weather always gets me a bit down. I think it has that effect on most people though. Everyone seems a bit miserable lately. Soon enough, soon enough…

I thought I had more to post about, but I think I lost it, lol. Hrmm… perhaps it will come back to me tomorrow 🙂

Till next time…