The best soy latte that you ever had… and me

Hello out there… I’m really digging this whole blogging thing. Look at me, several posts a day. I was never that good about updating my Livejournal.

Anywho… today was a really good day… shopping with mom, Sunday night diinner with the family… talkin to a new boy 😀 It’s funny, I was so nervous to return his call, but I did tonight and it went really well. Actually, I couldn’t shut myself up. I hope I didn’t talk too much. So typical of me though, really. I’m the kind of person who like psyches themselves out over the stupidest little things and then does just fine once the moment comes. Like iwth public speaking… I used to really freak out about it, but then I’d get up there and the adrenaline would kick in and I would kick major ass… I don’t worry about that stuff so much anymore. I mean, I still get nervous, but I always know now that it will all turn out ok and I’ll be a success… Ok, enough of me rambling about my skills as an orator.

Back to the guy. I just got off the phone with him and we have a tentative date set up for Wednesday after work. WooT! ( <–I used to despise that, but it’s somehow grown on me. I am a jackass.) I haven’t had a date in about three months I think, so this should be good. I used to date so much… what’s happened to me. I’ve become some kind of homebody lately. Anyway, he’s ab it older than I usually date, but he’s cute and nice and just seems like a genuinely good person… and I know he’s looking for the long term, which is cool. After three years of being very single (well, maybe not VERY, but you know…) I am ready for something a little more serious again- not that I want to just jump into anything. I don’t just settle too easily. I REALLY have to like someone. I have too much self-respect to just settle for anyone. I’m worth more and deserve more than that. When someone good comes along, I know it… and only then am I willing to settle. So yeah… expect an update on all that. If not in the next couple of days, definitely Wednesday after the date we may or may not have, lol.

Bah. Gotta head to bed… Alarm goes off in t-6 hours ( ish).

morning sunshine :-)

Hello out there… anyone readin’ yet? Heh, didn’t think so. Oh well, ‘sall good. So yesterday was sort of a lame Saturday I guess, but I had fun all the same. I just sort of hung out and did some chores and spent way too much time on this thing. Then, just as I was trying to figure out waht I was going to do with my evening, Jenn note the two n’s because she is just that cool) texted me to see if I wanted to go to the mall. My options were either that or going to the Cracker Barrel with my aunt who had my two little cousins with her for the night (not her kids- she doesn’t have kids… things always get confusing when I discuss my family, because there’s a lot of them and we’re all really close).

I was actually a little bit torn, because I adore Matt and Alyssa (and I don’t even like most kids very much) and feel bad that I don’t get to spend more time with them, but I also want to spend more time with Jenn, because she’s going trough a lot of shit right now and doesn’t have a lot of friends around here to confide in. Anyway, I opted to go with Jenn. We went to Meriden Square. She bought some jeans and I bought one of those autofresh things from Bath and Body Works for my car, Stella. It’s the Fresh Linen scent and it’s wonderful.

We got back sort of early. It was only a little after 7 and I was back home sitting around. Mom and Dad came home from a wake they had to go to and mom took me out to dinner. We went to Panera. I love Panera. I had the Turkey Bravo sandwhich witha diet coke and she had some sort of lemon poppy dessert thingy with a chai, because she already had dinner. Anyway, Panera was excellent as always and I had some bonding time with my mommy.

Then I ended up visiting my aunt and my cousins anyway. It was fun. They were snackinga dn watching a movie. My mom needed Alyssa to try on a coat she had gotten her for Easter and my mom had to pick up some Avon stuff that their mom had left with my Aunt. Also, Aunt Annie picked up some gloves for me that she knew I wanted that she found at Nordstrom’s.

Today is more mother-daughter bonding at the mall, some lunch, and then the usually Sunday night dinner with the family. Good times, good times.


I am getting so ridiculously excited about this whole book club idea. I think this will be very good for me. It will probably even help me to feel that my life is not so lacking. I need a sort of social activity that can give me some feeling of purpose. I already have so many ideas for it. I really hope it all comes to fruition– so many of my bright ideas don’t. The three of us all seem to be really into the idea though, and I’ve always felt that if one wants something badly enough and isn’t afraid to work for it, it will happen. I think Jenn and Laura are both of similar mindsets, so this could really work very well for us…

Book Club???

So, I went out this evening witha few friends from my old job after work. We went to El Sombrero’s. We were originally going to meet up at Quinn’s ( our usual Happy Hour spot), but I guess it was dead there, because on my way over there I got a call from Laura syaing that they were going to El Sombrero and that I should meet them there. An execellent time was had. I’m really glad I went. I had to work late again tonight and was really thinking about just blowing it all off all together. But I didn’t… and I’m glad.

I always have such a great time with Jenn and Laura. They’re just really good people with similar interests and values- the kind of peoole you can just sit and talk with for hours about anything. It’s really good to know that I have people like that in my life (outside of my family of course). Anyway, we were all talking about Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons and The Da Vinci Code and thought ‘wouldn’t it be great to start a book club?’ Yes, yes it would. So, we’ve started making real definite plans for it. We know when, where, and even have some ideas on who may want to take part… but what should be our first read?

Any suggestions? Does anyone read this thing yet? Let me know. Help me out here, folks!

I don’t want to be no superman…

Well, it’s about that time… that’s right. It’s the bitching hour. Haha, nah… no bitching right now. I had a pretty decent day today. Work was pretty good- despite the fact that I really had to drag myself in today. Snow always makes me really want to just stay inside all day. Besides, I get so much done on my snow days. Both times I’ve stayed home because of snow, I’ve had the most productive days ever. Oh well, I actually don’t have too much to get done. No phone calls to make or bills to pay. It’s all done.

I’m goin out for a late dinner with my aunt in a little bit. I don’t know where. I’m not sure what I feel like. Hrmmm. Perhaps Chilis. Eh. I’m going to miss American Idol. That’s ok. I don’t mind missing one now and then- I can just catch up tomorrow by reading the reveiews on It’s allll good.

I feel my life is lacking so much right now. Bah. Not sure where to begin in trying to improve it. I guess the whole finding a new job would be a pretty good start. I sent resumes in for like 4 different positions in the other night. On eof them was for a clerk position with the Dept. of Homeland Security. How sweet would that be??? Hell, it would even be relevant to my major! I also appplied for a couple positions with a local newspaper. These jobs also sounded very appealing and and something I’d be pretty qualified for… works for me.

So anyway, the last few weeks I’ve been making a conscious effort to start working out more and I’ve been watching what I eat and I definitely am starting to feel the improvement. I feel it- I don’t think I see it yet, but I definitely feel it. More energized and in an overall better mood. WooT!

Anyway, I’m going to get moving… I may update later tonight.

Coming out of my cage and I’ve been doin just fine…

I’m not sure why I’m even bothering with this… I’ve had several journals over the past few years. I have a Livejournal that I’ve managed to keep up withn (sort of) for awhile now and then there’s my myspace thing that I occasionally just copy and paste my livejournal entries onto, but I guess I’d just like something a little more private. I feel lately that I have a lot to say, but nothing that I necessarily want everyone to hear and I don’t really have a lot of new developments going on that I should post about, so yeah… it’s been neglected quite a bit lately. ::shrugs::

So where to begin…

I graduated in May (barely, but we won’t get into that– let’s just say I really overextended myself my senior year when I also had a ridiculous case of senioritis… plus horrible luck) from La Salle University in Philadelphia with what I now understand was a totally useless degree in Political Science. I moved back home to Connecticut and am back living with the family. I got a fairly decent job shortly after I moved back, selling auto insurance for The Hartford’s AARP program. I quit. I was miserable. It was a call center. I should have known that I would hate it. I really don’t like the phone. In fact, I avoid it whenever possible. So I was unemployed for just a little under 2 months and am now temping. Yes, my degree from an expensive, private, Catholic university has gotten me nothing more than a temp job. And not for lack of trying. I send out resumes almost every day. I’ve even been on quite a few interviews… I almost always get called back for second, or even third interviews before getting that godawful rejection
letter in the mail only days later.

Don’t get me wrong. I actually enjoy the temp job to a certain extent- as much as can be expected. And I don’t think I’ll be doing this too much longer. I still do have faith that the perfect job for me will come along as long as I am persistent, but man… the waiting for it all to kick in sure does bite. One thing I have learned through this experience is that I do definitely need to go back to school. I’m thinking maybe in the Fall… just at one of the community colleges…just not sure what for yet. It has to be something a little more practical- meaning something that will get me a job… and something that I won’t hate. Because if I hate it, I won’t stick with it. I’ve been lucky that I really hate very few things. I’m a workaholic by nature and I generally have a pretty positive attitude… These attributes have really helped me in life. But anyway, so when I do hate something, I really do HATE it… I mean, c’mon, I loved retail- how many people can say that?

So anyway, I just wanted to give some kind of update about who I am and what this whole blog will generally be about. If you plan on reading, expect a lot of bitching… bursts of optimism… only to be followed by more bitching. Oh, and occasionally I may throw in humorous (to only myself) observations, political commentary, or fun links… and that sort of stuff… but mostly bitching.