My New Toy

So after all the long hours and hard work I put in at the office over the last couple of months, I thought it was time to reward myself with something nice.  I decided to by myself a new (used) … Continue reading

As Good As… Gently Used!

Today I washed and waxed my car.  This is an event, and quite blog-worthy, because this task hasn’t  been performed in much longer than I really care to admit.  Once upon a time, it used to get done much  more … Continue reading

The Love Between A Man and His Car: Man Has Sex With Over 1,000 Cars

57 year old Edward Smith, a Washington state native, admits to having had sex with over 1,000 cars.  His current “girlfriend” is a white Volkswagen Beetle named Vanilla.  “As well as Vanilla, he regularly spends time with his other vehicles … Continue reading