Coming out of my cage and I’ve been doin just fine…

I’m not sure why I’m even bothering with this… I’ve had several journals over the past few years. I have a Livejournal that I’ve managed to keep up withn (sort of) for awhile now and then there’s my myspace thing that I occasionally just copy and paste my livejournal entries onto, but I guess I’d just like something a little more private. I feel lately that I have a lot to say, but nothing that I necessarily want everyone to hear and I don’t really have a lot of new developments going on that I should post about, so yeah… it’s been neglected quite a bit lately. ::shrugs::

So where to begin…

I graduated in May (barely, but we won’t get into that– let’s just say I really overextended myself my senior year when I also had a ridiculous case of senioritis… plus horrible luck) from La Salle University in Philadelphia with what I now understand was a totally useless degree in Political Science. I moved back home to Connecticut and am back living with the family. I got a fairly decent job shortly after I moved back, selling auto insurance for The Hartford’s AARP program. I quit. I was miserable. It was a call center. I should have known that I would hate it. I really don’t like the phone. In fact, I avoid it whenever possible. So I was unemployed for just a little under 2 months and am now temping. Yes, my degree from an expensive, private, Catholic university has gotten me nothing more than a temp job. And not for lack of trying. I send out resumes almost every day. I’ve even been on quite a few interviews… I almost always get called back for second, or even third interviews before getting that godawful rejection
letter in the mail only days later.

Don’t get me wrong. I actually enjoy the temp job to a certain extent- as much as can be expected. And I don’t think I’ll be doing this too much longer. I still do have faith that the perfect job for me will come along as long as I am persistent, but man… the waiting for it all to kick in sure does bite. One thing I have learned through this experience is that I do definitely need to go back to school. I’m thinking maybe in the Fall… just at one of the community colleges…just not sure what for yet. It has to be something a little more practical- meaning something that will get me a job… and something that I won’t hate. Because if I hate it, I won’t stick with it. I’ve been lucky that I really hate very few things. I’m a workaholic by nature and I generally have a pretty positive attitude… These attributes have really helped me in life. But anyway, so when I do hate something, I really do HATE it… I mean, c’mon, I loved retail- how many people can say that?

So anyway, I just wanted to give some kind of update about who I am and what this whole blog will generally be about. If you plan on reading, expect a lot of bitching… bursts of optimism… only to be followed by more bitching. Oh, and occasionally I may throw in humorous (to only myself) observations, political commentary, or fun links… and that sort of stuff… but mostly bitching.

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