Smoldering Idol

So, a few weeks ago, my family and I were watching American Idol (as we often do on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings) and Simon made the comment that if the competition were Smoldering Idol, Constantine (whom my mother and I adore for some reason unknown even to us) would have it won- or something to […]


I am getting so ridiculously excited about this whole book club idea. I think this will be very good for me. It will probably even help me to feel that my life is not so lacking. I need a sort of social activity that can give me some feeling of purpose. I already have so […]

Book Club???

So, I went out this evening witha few friends from my old job after work. We went to El Sombrero’s. We were originally going to meet up at Quinn’s ( our usual Happy Hour spot), but I guess it was dead there, because on my way over there I got a call from Laura syaing […]