Book Club???

So, I went out this evening witha few friends from my old job after work. We went to El Sombrero’s. We were originally going to meet up at Quinn’s ( our usual Happy Hour spot), but I guess it was dead there, because on my way over there I got a call from Laura syaing that they were going to El Sombrero and that I should meet them there. An execellent time was had. I’m really glad I went. I had to work late again tonight and was really thinking about just blowing it all off all together. But I didn’t… and I’m glad.

I always have such a great time with Jenn and Laura. They’re just really good people with similar interests and values- the kind of peoole you can just sit and talk with for hours about anything. It’s really good to know that I have people like that in my life (outside of my family of course). Anyway, we were all talking about Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons and The Da Vinci Code and thought ‘wouldn’t it be great to start a book club?’ Yes, yes it would. So, we’ve started making real definite plans for it. We know when, where, and even have some ideas on who may want to take part… but what should be our first read?

Any suggestions? Does anyone read this thing yet? Let me know. Help me out here, folks!

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