The best soy latte that you ever had… and me

Hello out there… I’m really digging this whole blogging thing. Look at me, several posts a day. I was never that good about updating my Livejournal.

Anywho… today was a really good day… shopping with mom, Sunday night diinner with the family… talkin to a new boy 😀 It’s funny, I was so nervous to return his call, but I did tonight and it went really well. Actually, I couldn’t shut myself up. I hope I didn’t talk too much. So typical of me though, really. I’m the kind of person who like psyches themselves out over the stupidest little things and then does just fine once the moment comes. Like iwth public speaking… I used to really freak out about it, but then I’d get up there and the adrenaline would kick in and I would kick major ass… I don’t worry about that stuff so much anymore. I mean, I still get nervous, but I always know now that it will all turn out ok and I’ll be a success… Ok, enough of me rambling about my skills as an orator.

Back to the guy. I just got off the phone with him and we have a tentative date set up for Wednesday after work. WooT! ( <–I used to despise that, but it’s somehow grown on me. I am a jackass.) I haven’t had a date in about three months I think, so this should be good. I used to date so much… what’s happened to me. I’ve become some kind of homebody lately. Anyway, he’s ab it older than I usually date, but he’s cute and nice and just seems like a genuinely good person… and I know he’s looking for the long term, which is cool. After three years of being very single (well, maybe not VERY, but you know…) I am ready for something a little more serious again- not that I want to just jump into anything. I don’t just settle too easily. I REALLY have to like someone. I have too much self-respect to just settle for anyone. I’m worth more and deserve more than that. When someone good comes along, I know it… and only then am I willing to settle. So yeah… expect an update on all that. If not in the next couple of days, definitely Wednesday after the date we may or may not have, lol.

Bah. Gotta head to bed… Alarm goes off in t-6 hours ( ish).

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