and I thought Monday was rough…

So if yesterday was a long, tedious day, today was the next best thing to eternal damnation. The work was just about impossible again and then there was the issue with the snow… Ohhh my god. It was rainy this morning. I knew it was supposed to turn to snow, but somehow I guess I just didn’t really beleive it, lol. I thought maybe some kind of freezing rain or icy mix, but no… it was definitely snow. The rush hour traffic was hell this evening… what should be a 20 minute drive, but is usually a half hour to 45 minutes in rush hour was just about a 2 hour drive today. Oh man, I wanted to cry. There was some serious road rage happening in my car. And it all starts up again tomorrow. I may even go in early and stay late tomorrow. Today was a light workload (well not for me, because I always work on the holdover from previous days- the stuff that someone’s already gone through and couldn’t figure out), so tomorrow it should be extra busy. How many temps do you know that put in all sorts of overtime? Yep, that’s what I thought… just me.

It was a relaxing night though… had some dinner, watched TV- American Idol and then House, worked out for a bit, then talked to Tim for a bit on the phone. The date is on for tomorrow. I don’t know how it’s going to go. He seems really nice, but maybe a bit shy or something. The phone conversation tonight was just slightly awkward- and short, but it was getting late. Oh well, I’m sure it won’t be too bad tomorrow. I’m usually pretty good at keeping a conversation going. The other night I couldn’t shut up. I kind of felt bad, lol. I wish I could stop with the jokes. I mean, people who know me know my sense of humor and find them funny, but it’s probably a bit strange for someone who doesn’t know me. Oh well, he’ll know me soon enough.

In other news, Jenn may come with me and my family to North Carolina in May. That would be really cool. I am so psyched to go (whether she comes or not). If she comes with us, I know I’ll really have a blast (did I really just say I’d have a blast???). Man, I cannot wait for warm weather, the beach, a week off from work… Just thinking about it makes me happy… and a little impatient, lol.

OK, well on that note, I think I will head to bed, where I’ll be dreaming of warm, sunny weather… NOT two hours spent in a tundra- like I-84 during rush hour. Night all!

Beach House

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