work, work, work

Thought I’d do a really quick update even though I have to leave for work in like 15 mins, lol… so yeah, me and the other newbies are really official now, putting in crazy overtime and everything… it’s just Thursday and we’ve already put in 4 hours O/T this week! There’s still today and tomorrow and I know tomorrow’s one of our busier days… oy. Yay for time and a half though. I’ve already decided I’m putting all my O/T pay into savings. That should add up quick 🙂

My computer’s all set up at work now, but I still don’t have access to a few programs that I need to perform the basic function of my job, so I’m still sharing with other people 🙁 That kind of sucks. I’m the only trainee left who can’t do work on their own computer and I feel kind of bad, because I know the others would probably rather just start doing stuff on their own… grrr. I know I would.

OK, I really do have to get going now… Later!

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