I had a really great time out with Kevin last night. Oh, and if you haven’t seen Batman Begins yet, you really should. It was most excellent. Today’s going to be a busy day… 2 meetings and no desire to work. greaaat. Plans for tonight: well, I was going to go to the driving range […]

la la la la

OK, updating from work, because I’m a rebel like that… and because my manager’s out today… and because it just slowed way down, so I have a few minutes to kill. I hardly ever take any real breaks, so I figure I owe it to myself. Not a whole lot to report on unfortunately. Let’s […]

busy week

wow, what a busy weekend…what a busy week… Monday night… book club- only a few people showed and Jenn was the only one who read. Tuesday night… Met mom for dinner and shopping after work Wednesday night… bowling with my team from work, because my managers from Iowa were out here. It was a lot […]

Bookclub Meeting #3 AKA The Black Tulip works even better than Nyquil

OK, this is the third time I have tried to update today… so if this doesn’t work, oh well. Last night waas our third bookclub meeting. Can you tell I’m loving this little endeavour? Half of my posts in this blog revolve around the bookclub… So anyway, it ended up being kind of lame. Nobody […]


It has been such a ridiculously busy weekend… one of those weekends you feel you need a weekend from once it’s all over. I have a big, close-knit family that keeps me crazy busy (or perhaps just crazy) on the weekends. This weekend it was the big tag sale. This won’t be it though. There […]